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Rehabilitation Costs For Alcohol And Drug Addiction

Knowing The Cost Of Rehab

Where alcohol and drug addiction is concerned, the cost of treatment will vary depending on the individual user. There are economical medical care alternatives for people of all incomes.

Each rehabilitation treatment centre has its charges for the service. Some medical care procedures are free of charge whilst some cost thousands of dollars per day. There is always a rehab centre that'll work for you regardless of your budget.

If you know what type of resources will help you for treatment as the rehab is easily available. You can also enlist the help of individuals who specialize in helping drug users to get money for treatment.

Majority of rehabs provide an assistance, accept coverage or have funding alternatives.

Many people pay for the cost of drug treatment with the help of insurance. The quantity that an insurance covers is relied on the insurer and what the health provider accepts.

The categories of insurance that might cover addiction therapy are:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • State-financed health insurance
  • Private insurance
  • Military insurance

There are other ways of getting treated for addiction even if you don't have insurance. A free or low income rehabilitation centre could be an option for your rehab needs. Another option is to see other rehabs that provide financing alternatives. Financing is frequently an excellent option since free rehabs usually have restricted funding and waiting lists.

A lot of inpatient rehabilitations provide funding for the ones with no insurance.

Your health is important, getting treated for your addiction is investing in your future so you should not fear to take a loan for it. Overtime it is beneficial. When you are sober, you can start your life again and recover your career and other things you lost during the time you were in addiction. Addicts that are now recuperated can save up more since they aren't wasting money to buy drugs or alcohol.

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Addiction Treatments And The Costs

The cost of soberness is affected by the type of treatment program.

Depending on your addiction you will be offered different types of treatment that are most suitable to you and the addiction.

Facilities and care are the main things that will affect the cost of treatment.

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The following are estimates that have been put together from studies carried out and from treatment centres:

  • Detoxification
  • £800 - £1200 are the ranges of outpatient detox.
  • Majority of inpatient rehabs have detoxification as part of the program's expense.
  • The drug addiction in question and whether or not the detoxification is part of residential treatment will determine how much the detoxification will cost.
  • If you have an addiction to a drug with dangerous or violent detox symptoms the cost could be more, as careful monitoring from staff will push the price up.
  • Inpatient Rehab
  • For 30-days treatment, inpatients rehab centres charge approx. £4800.
  • 30-day programs can also cost as much as £16,120 in treatment centres that are reputable.
  • The average cost of a 60 - 90 day rehab is £9700 - £48,300.
  • Outpatient Treatment Programs
  • Outpatient programs for weak to average addictions are more economical than inpatient rehabilitations.
  • The charge may be just £4,000 for 90 days.
  • Some more select outpatient treatment centres can be as much as £8000.
  • The cost will be set by the amount of visits to the treatment centre each week.
  • Medication
  • How much rehab will cost you in total depends on the type of treatment and medications given.
  • Some treatment will not require medication.
  • Medicines frequently treat alcohol and drug addiction.
  • This medication needs thousand pounds per year.
  • It can cost around £4000 a year for Methadone treatment.

The Price Of Addiction

In the future, rehabilitation isn't practically as high-priced as opiate and alcohol dependence. With a negative effect on income, alcohol and drug users are more inclined to miss work and change jobs more frequent than someone that is sober.

After some time, the cost of medications, legitimate issues, medical problems and loss of profitability at work all will include.

Previous Heroin addicts have mentioned that they used to spend a lot of money on their addiction.

An alcoholic that drinks about 12-pack per day regularly for a year waste more than £8500. However this price tag doesn't involve legal problems, which can cost more thousands of pounds. It is more difficult to estimate how much you would spend on an illegal drug addiction as the cost can fluctuate and would be much more expensive.

The cost of addiction, however, isn't always financial. The havoc caused on family and friends relationships, and the destruction of life are also part of the equation.

Factors Of The Cost Of Addiction Treatment

Many factors create impact on the cost of addiction treatment. The most obvious are:

  • The Treatment Facility
  • Prices are divided differently among inpatient and outpatient treatments.
  • The cost of an inpatient program is higher due to the costs of accommodation.
  • Furthermore, the price tag of these programs is based on the duration of the program and the location.
  • Areas that have a higher cost of living will have more expensive centres.
  • Types Of Treatments Available
  • When they begin rehabilitation, some may not need medical detoxification.
  • When a user quite utilizing cocaine, they don't feel dangerous withdrawal symptoms hence they are the only screened without any technical detox.
  • However, those fighting alcohol and Heroin addictions go through some very tough withdrawal symptoms during the detox that most will require help with some medicines to pull through.
  • The more medication required, the more will be the cost incurred.
  • Counselling and other professional treatments will bring the cost up.
  • Facilities
  • The amenities provided by a rehabilitation isn't for free.
  • Extra facilities for rehab may include Yoga, massage, acupuncture, swimming pools, tennis courts and professional chefs.
  • The amenities provided in rehabilitation centres frequented by rich and famous people is what makes them so pricey.
  • Treatment at these high-end rehab centres comes in five or six digit figures.
  • Although certain amenities will usually mean higher costs, not all treatment centres are that pricey.

Rehabs State Funded And Non Profit

If you meet the requirements for low income rehab you will probably go to a non profit making centre. Low-income rehabilitation has no charge or is reduced in expense. These programs are accessible so everyone can get the assistance they deserve independently of income.

For free rehab centres, The Salvation Army is a renowned non-profit organization. People with low incomes can also take advantage of state-funded treatment centres.

How To Get Into Rehabilitation

Getting the suitable rehab centre is the second step after problem recognition. Do not be discouraged by the charges you see at the rehab centres. If you need to find a treatment centre that offers affordable financing options or accepts insurance, we can help you to find one.