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What Is Famanon?

A fellowship of family members and friends that suffer from consequences of other person's substance abuse, or connected behavioural issues across the world is called Families Anonymous. Fam Anon offer support groups gatherings, on a regular basis, throughout the country. If someone is worrying about another individual's abuse then they are advised to attend one of the meetings.

In 1971, the Fam Anon was founded by a group of families in America. In 1980 the first group in London was founded now there are over 50 groups holding meetings in various parts of the country.

The Fam Anon is a self-sustained organisation which methods are based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions programme created by Alcoholics Anonymous.

How Can Fam Anon Assists Members?

The group's goal is to support families and friends of persons with the present, potential or past drug related issues by offering mutual support and a place to share experiences and concerns. This group facilitates our members to figure out that how to grapple with the issues which are disturbing and affecting your lives.

Best assistance for individuals fighting to drop drug addiction comes from the love of family and friends

Group meetings encourage addicts to learn from others experience how to quit addiction. This approach helps them to understand that they need to live without using drugs and alcohol.

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Peer group pressure in society causes prevalent use of drugs leading to catastrophic effect on families and friends of drug users if the situation is not controlled. The most vulnerable to physical and psychological effects are loved ones and children of drug and alcohol abuses, who are at a loss in dealing with the situation. How do you love hate family and friend in equal measure? Families Anonymous, presents assistance to drug addicts parents, partners, relatives and friends.

Families Anonymous (FamAnon) is a fellowship based on self-help that has spread across the world in which loved ones of drug addicts and those with behavioural issues gather. In 1971, Fam Anon was founded in UK by a group of Los Angeles families based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous. They started their first group in London in 1980, and now around 50 groups are working in different areas of UK.

Supporting family in dealing with the addict and focusing on them is what the programme is all about. It offers the addicts a possibility to get in charge of their lives once again and to find a reason to live drug-free life.

Families Anonymous works from various perspectives. Sharing of common problems is where it basic strength comes from. Meetings and memberships are entirely free of charge. Fam Anon solely depends on internal resources to run its program activities. The whole office and work is financed and supported through our volunteers contributions and offers by Fam Anon writings.

Only first names are given at Fam Anon since it is an anonymous programme.

The members of Fam Anon groups figure out how to deal with the issue that is interrupting your lives.

Having a sincere and consistent approach with the person that is addicted is what going to these meetings can do for members. That often causes them to understand that the addict needs assistance to live a drug-free life.

Past situations have proven that assisting friends and family usually provides a big help for the addict as well.

Professionals like you that are in a place where you can engage individuals that suffer and that might never know about Fam Anon otherwise can get copies of any important literature at the lowest price in any amount necessary.